Ever wonder why we are called HermitGuides?

The word hermit is from the Greek eremia or desert and eremites, “inhabitants of a desert”, from the Greek eremos. Today we think of hermits as recluses but these solitary men were so much more.

Above all else, a hermit practiced good works. He lived in a cell or hermitage but was not bound to it,he could roam at will and often he did. Hermitages were commonly situated near streams, crossings and bridges. It was usually hermits who devotedly maintained the bridges or mended roads and it was often their special duty to assist travelers or act as guides in difficult terrain. There are stories of hermits serving as unofficial lighthouse-keepers or kept watch at town gates. Others lit lamps, ministered to the sick or collected for charity. In medieval romance stories, knights-errant would encounter hermits on their quests and the wise, knowing hermits would direct, encourage and guide them. Of course hermits also prayed, counseled and advised too. And even though they lived in isolation, many in the desert or in caves, word of their great wisdom always seemed to circulate and people would often seek them out to learn from them.

hollie-hermitguidesAnd so with our greatest respect and admiration for these men of good works we follow the hermit tradition of serving and assisting travelers. HermitGuides is intended to be a guiding light on your journeys. We’ll do our best to encourage and inspire you to explore this amazing world with all its beauty and hope, sadness and strife and it is our greatest wish that you discover on all of your journeys, be them epic or brief, to trust and follow your higher intuition.

Our HermitGuides come from all walks of life; they are an adventurous, witty, kind and high-spirited lot. They all share a love of travel and learning, of storytelling and guiding. No, they don’t live in caves and most of them have never repaired a bridge or met a knight in shining armor, but without a doubt they are all committed to chasing their hopes and dreams wherever they may lead and to guiding and inspiring all who also wish to do the same.

We believe that all of us are connected by roots, history, spirit and place. When we travel and seek to understand another’s history, culture and community we are on the road to enlightenment, the road to high places. We realize that which connects us in our world is far more meaningful than that which divides us and we cannot help but be changed, moved and inspired by all we encounter on our journeys.

At HermitGuides we are committed to capturing the meaning, moment and true essence of the people and places featured in our stories, photos and walks. Our wish is that you too will also choose to travel across ancient roads, walk in grace and fill the world with light and love.

Carpe Diem,



Ever wonder why we are called HermitGuides?

A spirited, adventurous lot.


Every journey tells a story.  What will your story be?

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