L’HEURE BLEUE – Twilight Walk I

Watch as the sky turns into a blaze of colour – fiery orange and amber sliced with slashes of red – color spilling onto the streets and buildings.  “Paris and the twilight seized and held me immediately. It was the blue hour, the hour of enchantment.” – Ray Bradbury

  • Stand before Notre Dame Cathedral gilded in early-evening gold.
  • Brooding in long evening shadows, stroll past the Conciergerie.
  • Watch as the sun, like a ball of fire, slips slowly into the Seine.
  • Witness the Louvre bathed in glorious gold.
  • Capture the architecture & atmosphere of the city illuminated by elegant streetlights.

Duration:   2-3 hours

Difficulty:  Easy, Moderate, Demanding

Best time to walk: Weekday, Weekend, Evening, Morning

Price: $0.99 US