PARIS SAMPLER – Un Échantillon de Paris

“Iconic grand mansions, tree-lined boulevards and avenues, the quaint gardens, the majestic churches with their towers and spires, the shops and cafes with their colourful awnings, all crowded and nestled together like jewels encrusted on a gold setting.” –E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

  • Take in river views from the favorite meeting place of painters, poets and lovers.
  • Discover a street lined with art galleries, the avant-garde and ateliers.
  • Enjoy a little slice of Paris at the traditional French (market) Marché de Buci.
  • Listen to the soul-stirring sounds coming from one of the most magnificent church organs in all of Paris.
  • Stroll through a grand garden complete with fountains, statues and its own palace.

Duration:   1-2 hours

Difficulty:  Easy, Moderate, Demanding

Best time to walk: Weekday, Weekend, Evening, Morning

Price: FREE!