Venice, with its tangled and twisted web of streets and canals can be very confusing.  Equally confusing is the puzzling vocabulary the Venetians developed to describe this maze of streets, squares, waterways and bridges.  But, if you can understand the logic behind the words then the city becomes easier and much more interesting to navigate.  Before you know it you’ll be able to find your way as quickly as the locals.

  • A patchwork of islands, a maze of waterways, calli and campos are all yours to discover.
  • Cross bridges, ride boats, take to the streets – embrace life, encounter adventure.
  • Left at the rio and right at the ruga or was it left at the ruga and right at the rio?
  • Finding an address in Venice – almost impossible but we’ll show you how.
  • Feeling Lost – tips on finding your way back.

Duration:   2-3 hours

Difficulty:  Easy, Moderate, Demanding

Best time to walk: Weekday, Weekend, Evening, Morning

Price: FREE