“Dear old Venice has lost her complexion, her figure, her self-respect; and yet, with it all, so puzzlingly, not lost a shred of her distinction.” Henry James

  • Explore the “illuminating” world of Venetian art.
  • Hear tales about the house that kills and stories of the occupants who met untimely deaths.
  • Visit the Customs house, which for centuries stood as the gateway to the port of Venice.
  • Follow the zattere, a promenade along the southern shore and see the city’s oldest squero, a boatyard for building gondolas.
  • Take time to rest in a quiet, forgotten corner  – let the silence reawaken your senses.

Duration:   6-7 hours

Difficulty:  Easy, Moderate, Demanding

Best time to walk: Weekday, Weekend, Evening, Morning

Price: $1.99 US